Comercial de Urdidos supplies and handles polyester threads, polyamide, and polypropylene viscose for various textile applications such as home, contract, fashion, sewing threads and technical applications.


Textiles is one of the areas that we must take care of the most in the business of hospitality. Textiles are used everywhere in the home from the curtains or blinds to the bedding, the upholstery, and the carpets

That is why we give added value to all our yarns. We emphasize both the functional properties of the yarns (their fire resistance, fastness to light and to the outdoors), as well as emphasising a clear commitment to the use of high-quality sustainable yarns.

Our specialities are fine yarns with high twists for curtains/blinds, and thick, resistant yarns with a natural fibre look, twisted or taslanised for interior and exterior upholstery.

We manufacture according to customer specifications: texture, colour,…. And we can supply a wide range of colours.


Fashion is undoubtedly one of the most important consumer activities globally, although it is also one of the most polluting.

For this reason we rely on recycled polyester/polyamide yarns with appropriate amount of twists for each use and, if used in colour, we always choose dyeing companies that comply with OEKO-TEX standards.
We cover both clothing and trimmings, as well as yarns for regional costumes.

Popular products include extra-shiny twisted polyester yarn for trimmings and regional costumes.

For clothing, both polyester and twisted polyamide are our most demanded products.


Carpets are made with very thick polyester threads which are gathered, twisted, and taslanised, and adapted each time to the customer’s demand. The advantage of these polyester threads is that they weigh very little, they are resistant to stains and they can be made with fire resistant, cationic, and recycled polyesters which are fast to the light as well as to the outdoors…


Twisted 2 and 3-ply polyester/nylon yarn with high or normal tenacity, with a fine count or a coarse one, with our own material or the client’s.


Any of our polyester/nylon threads with a series of technical criteria such as tenacity and fire resistance can be used for specific technical use with appropriate handling or technology